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AHRC Dance Educator’s Critical Dance Pedagogy through Discourse and Practice Network


AHRC Dance Educator’s Critical Dance Pedagogy through Discourse and Practice Network

The AHRC-funded Dance Educator’s Critical Dance Pedagogy Network is a potentially transformative 18-month initiative, aiming to challenge ingrained biases within dance education. Led by Professor Angela Pickard and co-led by Dr. Kathryn Stamp, this network aspires to unravel social assumptions and power imbalances prevalent in dance and its education.

Bringing together a diverse cohort of academics, educators, researchers, and industry stakeholders from the UK and abroad, the network’s focal point revolves around Critical Dance Pedagogy. This entails a series of hybrid symposium events and an immersive Artist Lab, delving into equity, diversity, inclusion, and student-centered teaching approaches.

Partnered with influential industry organisations like People Dancing and New Adventures, this network is not just about academic discussions; it’s a catalyst for action and change within the dance community.

The series of events begin in January 2024 with an Artist Lab at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. The network’s journey continues through a sequence of hybrid symposiums held in various UK and Northern Ireland locations. These events promise thought-provoking discussions, from identity examination to reimagining pedagogical practices.

This network stands at the intersection of theory and practice, paving the way toward a more inclusive and equitable future for dance education. Join the network by participating and engaging in the upcoming events.

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