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NEW RESEARCH PROJECT: Consolation and hope in a time of crisis


NEW RESEARCH PROJECT: Consolation and hope in a time of crisis

Consolation and hope in a time of crisis is a two-year funded research project commencing in June 2021. It aims to investigate how experienced chaplains from Church of England and Catholic sectors can help mitigate the consequences of the various aspects of loss and suffering, caused by Covid-19 disruption, for year7 pupils during their induction year. The` project has a particular interest in pupils disproportionately disadvantaged by Covid-19 disruption, including pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds and pupils receiving pupil premium. 


Senior research fellow, Dr Ann Casson and researcher, Ann Pittaway will work with the school chaplains creating an ecumenical virtual community of practice. The research team will bring to this community of practice a detailed digest of the latest research on the induction process and spiritual well-being, for consideration by the chaplains. We will facilitate 9 virtual communities of practice over the course of 24 months, offering the community opportunities to reflect and identify best practice, and develop policies and resources for induction 2022-23 and beyond.  


Bringing together chaplains from different Christian backgrounds in a community of practice will directly impact student well-being and spiritual resilience and reveal insights into the professional roles. The shared expertise from the virtual community of practice will provide a forum for debate and an exchange of new ideas and practices for a wider audience, disseminated through the medium of online platforms. Termly reports for UK school leaders and policy makers will offer a detailed record of induction practices for 2022/23 and present resources to develop strategic plans in readiness for any potential re-occurrence of the Covid pandemic.  

If you are interested in speaking to one to the team about the project please contact the centre

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