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The Beginning Teacher in the Science Religion Encounter


The Beginning Teacher in the Science Religion Encounter

End of Project Online Event

This project is a research project led by Canterbury Christ Church University with 5 other universities, funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF0375) as part of a wider scheme of research titled Big Questions in Classrooms.

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The Science Religion Encounters (SRE) Project seeks to impact the way primary and secondary teachers are trained, helping to better prepare them for science religion encounters in the classroom. A range of resources and research materials are available online (

This event gathers together many involved in the project. Others interested in the project are welcome to join us to review the findings and resources, and to discuss future work in this area.

Not enough was known about how teachers related to such encounters at the early stage of their careers when ideas and approaches to practice are shaped and there are few signs beginning teachers are supported in the area. This gap prevented teacher educators from knowing how to better prepare teachers for these encounters. We have found many teachers are conscious of science religion encounters taking place across a number of important educational areas, including sustainability education, relationships and sex education and education around death and life.

We have concrete insights into the current experience of science/religion encounters in the beginning teacher experience and intend to support those involved in teacher education and professional support for science and RE teachers with the resources we have made available.

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