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Faith in the Nexus Animation for Parents.


Faith in the Nexus Animation for Parents.

Our animation is ready and has a guideExploring Faith in the Nexus to accompany it. 

The animation recognises that all children have a spiritual life that drives them to seek meaning and purpose in life. Often in this search, children turn to their parents with big questions about things such as the origin of life, the existence of God, and life after death.  

We acknowledge that being confronted with such questions can be daunting for parents and can leave them feeling inadequate to offer a response. Thus, our main message through the animation is one of reassurance and encouragement. 

Parents are in a unique position to stand alongside their child and explore with them. To just “be” with your child, to share the journey of discovery and curiosity with them is powerful and offers an experience that will encourage your child to be spiritually curious, setting the foundations for them to grow stronger in their spiritual life.  

You can find the animation on our website 

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