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Diving Deeper into Science and Religion


Diving Deeper into Science and Religion

Nick Spencer and Bethany Sollereder

Our Science Religion Encounters (SRE) project looks at beginning teachers and SRE in the classroom. It was in part inspired by Nick Spencer’s previous work with Theos on science and religion so it was exciting to see and hear about a new report which updates previous understandings of public attitudes. It is also interesting to hear from Bethany Sollereder who recently edited an important new volume from young women on a topic that is often dominated by older men.

I recommend this podcast Diving Deep Into Science and Religion | Live from the UK trailed as ‘Nick Spencerand Bethany Sollereder helping us to move into the deep end of the science and religion conversation.’ They talk about the large-scale research project by Faraday Institute and Theos to find out how people in the UK understand and think about science and religion. According to Nick, one of the co-authors of the report, they found that the conversation is much deeper and much more interesting than is often portrayed. 

Bethany Sollereder recently edited with Alister McGrath Emerging Voices in Science and Theology: Contributions by Young Women published by Routledge in 2022 which says of the book “This volume engages with the relative absence and underrepresentation of female voices in the field of science and religion, which tends to be dominated by male academics who are in the later stages of their careers.”

Click here for the podcast, download the transcript and the report here:

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