Sports Leaders UK Energy Club.

In 2013, spear was commissioned by Sports Leaders UK to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the new Energy Club programme – a Cabinet Office social enterprise programme aimed at increasing children’s physical activity levels and knowledge of healthy lifestyles through fun activities.

This evaluation focused on the volunteers’ perceptions of the impact of Energy Club on their skill levels, confidence and potential future employment. Exploratory data on volunteers’ perceptions of impact on children’s physical activity and knowledge of healthy lifestyles were also presented alongside Regional Managers’ perceptions of impact and delivery.

Key Findings:

  • Over 90% of volunteers report that Energy Clubs increase their competence to deliver activity sessions to children, while 87% say it has enhanced their coaching skills.
  • Over three-quarters of volunteers state their confidence had improved, and around two-thirds cite increases in their self-esteem and social skills.
  • Over 95% of volunteers feel that the clubs impact positively on children’s activity levels, knowledge of healthy lifestyles, attitudes to sport and being active and the development and improvement of physical skills.
  • Increased physical activity levels and improved physical skills are strongly linked to the development of self-esteem within the clubs, particularly for those children who don’t see themselves as ‘sporty’ or lack confidence.
  • Giving the children a safer space to play and be active is perceived by volunteers to be key in engendering the confidence required to engage in physical activity.

Date: 2013 – 2014

Client: Sports Leaders UK

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