Faversham Pools Phase 1

spear was commissioned by Faversham Pools to conduct a Rapid Evidence Review and develop a Feedback Framework to inform subsequent primary research. The Rapid Evidence Review aimed to address the following research question: what can the evidence tell us about people’s engagement with swimming and leisure facilities?

Key Findings

  • Swimming is seen as positive; that is not only benefits the people who participate in swimming but their wider social networks and communities. Having a regularly engaged, interested, sociable and active community is key to enhancing swimming’s reputation as an activity of choice, and an activity for all.
  • Specific recommendations for Faversham Pools will emerge from the primary research and insight gained from customers, potential customers and wider stakeholders. However, the Rapid Evidence Review provides insight into underpinning principles and strategies for engaging target or hard-to-reach people and communities.
  • Reaching out to traditionally underrepresented groups is an essential step in maintaining the strength of swimming’s grassroots advocacy.

Date: 31st December 2022

Client: Faversham Pools

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