Head 4 Health

spear was commissioned by Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation to conduct an independent evaluation of Head 4 Health. The evaluation is designed to evidence impact on key stakeholders, explore challenges faced, showcase effective practice, provide recommendations and develop a framework to support impact capture and Head for Health development post-evaluation.

Head 4 Health aims to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of adults over the age of 18, using the power of the club, the Premier League brand and the appeal of the Molineux stadium to engage people unlikely to access traditional support services. It gives people the chance to come together and take part in physical activity, education and conversation. Head 4 Health activities include mental health support, stress management and alcohol awareness workshops; inspirational speakers; physical activity sessions; participant interest activity groups; Extra Time sessions and catch-ups; and Walk and Talk sessions.

Key Findings

  • Head 4 Health engaged 721 participants (627 male, 94 female) and delivered 41 cohorts
  • Partners see the unique value of Head 4 Health for the people of Wolverhampton Council and the city as a whole. Head 4 Health is seen as a trusted model that supports partners’ priorities and ambitions and provides a tangible opportunity for collaboration that increases organisational exposure, reach, remit and sustainability.
  • Participants joined Head 4 Health with low levels of wellbeing and moderate to high levels of stress. After taking part in the programme, WEMWBS, PSS and CORE-OM scores show a 17% increase in wellbeing, a 17% decrease in stress and a 49% decrease in psychological distress. Participants say their mental wellbeing (61%) is better, they feel more motivated (73%) and they enjoyed taking part (61%)
  • Head 4 Health is seen to raise participants’ aspirations, motivating them to pursue further education, volunteering or paid employment. These developmental opportunities have the potential to support positive, sustained progression in participants’ mental health, wellbeing and quality of life
  • The breadth and depth of Head 4 Health support, effective partnerships, sense of community, welcoming environment, and club and Premier League brand and assets are seen by participants as key to the impacts observed
  • Reported challenges for Head 4 Health include participant attendance, the association with football for some people, and the pandemic and restrictions on face-to-face delivery
  • Partners would like to see greater reach and representation (organisations and underrepresented groups), and participant volunteers co-producing Head 4 Health delivery
  • Recommendations include encouraging cohort completers to volunteer for Head 4 Health; providing ongoing support beyond the cohorts; initiating cross-sector partnerships; taking the Head 4 Health offer to targeted communities; collecting; reflecting on and sharing evidence; and building support and advocacy across the spectrum

Date: June 2022

Client: Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation

“I have a great time with Head 4 Health, made new friends and had lots of fun. The mental health therapy has been most helpful” – Head 4 Health participant

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