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Learning for life: Strengthening character in UK civil society.


Learning for life: Strengthening character in UK civil society.

‘Learning for Life: Exploring Core Values’ has been the largest single contribution to date in the UK to the field of character education, involving responses from over 70,000 participants, in a coherent exploration of the subject of character across all the phases of education and into employment from pre-school to post-graduate (3yrs – 25 yrs). The research data was gathered by interview, questionnaire, focus group and group discussion.

The study has sought to contribute to the widening debate on the development of character and character education; competence without character is unlikely to survive under stress. Know-how without values can be a dangerous thing and qualifications without the quality of self- knowledge ill prepares individuals for modern life. ‘Learning for Life’ provides much needed evidence and insights on what should now become the objectives of education.

For further information and to download the Learning for Life research reports please visit the Learning for Life website.

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