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Our events include international visits, conferences, lecture series and debates.


22-23 JAN 25CCPR Annual Conference 2025
09 JULY 24Police Leadership (Webinar)
18 JUNE 24Policing Immigration (Webinar)


23-24 NOV 24Advancing the Méndez Principles on Effective Interviewing (online conference)
21 MAY 24Predictive policing (webinar)
19 MAR 24The Casey Report One Year On (webinar)
17 -18 JAN 24CCPR Annual Conference: Problems and Solutions in UK Policing.
16 JAN 24Tasers (webinar)
14 DEC 23PEQF (webinar)
17 OCT 23Should the Police Lie? (webinar)
22 SEPT 23Diversity in Policing
29 JUN 23“The Future of Forensics” – Call for Papers
12 MAY 23Leadership and Decision Making in Policing
13-14 SEP 22CCPR annual conference: Time for change? Reflections on the Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales
13 MAY 22Mad, Bad, or Sad: The Police Use of Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 
22 FEB 22Police Technology & Social Media
14 DEC 22Policing, Guns and Violence in the United States
12 OCT 21Global perspectives on policing and legitimacy 
24 SEP 21Clare’s Law: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in the Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence
9 JUN 21 Direct Entry Detectives and Police Recruitment of Ethnic Minorities
3 MAR 21 Big Data and Machine Learning in Policing Seminar
3 FEB 21 Police Perspectives on Policing the Pandemic
14 OCT 20Complex Examples of Vulnerability: Exploring Demand and Response
22 JUL 20PEQF Webinar
4 JUN 20Rape Investigation Round Table: Live Webinar
20 JUN 19CCPR Annual Conference 2019 – Austerity and Ethics: A Paradox for Professionalism
16 MAY 19Awareness Event on Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning (RPL/RPEL)
20-21 JUN 18Taming the Wicked: The Role of Partnerships conference’ 
14 MAR 18CCPR Lecture Series – The End of Policing
9 MAR 18CCPR Lecture Series – Missing People
21 FEB 18CCPR Round Table – Domestic Abuse
19 JAN 18CCPR Lecture Series – Gender and Leadership
10 NOV 17CCPR Lecture Series – History in Service to Policing Practice
8 SEP 17CCPR Lecture Series – Social Media and Leadership
21-22 JUN 17CCPR Learning from Evidence Mission Impossible 2017