Singing for health.

Singing for health

Do members of a generic singing for health group experience similar effects on health and wellbeing as those in condition-specific singing for health groups?

One legacy of the numerous projects by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre is the development of condition-specific singing groups both across Kent and further afield. Some of these groups have widened their initial remit and developed into generic singing for health groups, and Sonia Price has a specific interest in the experience of singers who attend generic singing for health groups, and whether their experience differs to that of singers in condition-specific groups.

This study aims to explore the benefits to health and wellbeing reported by people attending a generic singing for health group and compare these with existing data regarding the benefits reported by people attending condition-specific groups.

Building in a small pilot study in 2016, initial findings will be developed through participant interviews and case studies, with findings expected to contribute to the body of literature available to those interested in starting a singing for health group, particularly when funding and sustainability are of paramount concern.


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