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About us.

LASAR carries out world-leading national and international research to investigate the relationships between science, religion and the wider humanities in education. While all of our research projects are connected they fall into two main areas: Learning about Science and Religion and Epistemic Insight.

Learning about Science and Religion

Projects in this group seek to understand and inform the way that questions bridging science and religious are managed in primary and secondary schools. Some of our recent projects include ‘Being Human: Discovering and Advancing School Students’ Perceptions of the Relationships between Science and Religion’ (Templeton World Charity Foundation 2014-2018) and ‘Teaching Evolution in Rural Primary Schools’ (Wellcome Trust 2016-2018). More information at

Epistemic Insight

These projects are concerned with how students, pre- and in-service teachers understand the Big Questions raised by science, technology and engineering within a multidisciplinary arena. Some of our projects include ‘Working with Engineers to Teach Children to Think Like Engineers’ (Royal Academy of Engineering 2018-2019) and work with The National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) and CCCU Outreach team on the ‘Inspiring Minds’ programme, a sustained activity project to engage school students from disadvantaged backgrounds in informal science learning (HEFCE 2017-2018). More at

Research publications

Our research publications are listed at: